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Nov 2015

Vow to Protect: LGBT couples share their stories

From of a video series on diversity sponsored by Mass  Mutual   


Nov 2015

MassMutual Embraces LGBT Families

Life Health Advisor        



Same-Sex Marriage Decisions by the Supreme Court Open Doors for Tax Planning and Benefits

Free report available from Thomson Reuters summarizing the legal and regulatory guidance and suggests ways that same-sex couples can benefit from these changes in the areas of federal and state income taxes, qualified retirement plans, social security        



July 2015

Claiming Social Security Benefits and Other New Opportunities For Same Sex Couples

Nerd's Eye View

by Michael Kitces  




Feb 2015

Rainbow Warriors

Investment Advisor

By Olivia Mellan and Sherry Christie  or


LGBT clients need help protecting their finances from a blitz of varying state laws ... 



Oct 2014

Supreme Court's gay marriage decision has advisers scrambling

Investment News

By Bianca Flowers and Joyce Hanson       




Aug 2014

Planning Ahead: Aging and the LGBT Community

MWW Talks

with Steven Petrow, Doug Kimmel, Janis Cowley and Kathleen Sullivan

Topics of this Talks will include new and untapped financial benefits related to same-sex marriage, discrimination and inadequate access to housing and healthcare, psychology and societal issues impacting LGBT couples and lack of support and information about social, financial, and legal advocacy



April 2014

Gay couples should ponder finances


By Michael L. Sangirardi, CFP®, ChFC® 




Jan 2014

LGBT: The emerging market closest to home

National Underwriter Life & Health

By Emily Holbrook




Jan 2014

Review marriage implications with same-sex couples - or be on the hook

Investment News

By Darla Mercado




Aug 2013

How to Give Financial Advice to Same Sex Couples


By Ted Knutson




Aug 2013

Supreme Court Decisions Bring Financial Advantages For Gay Clients
Free Webinar on demand    

Suzanne Slater, LICSW and Kathleen Burns Kingsury


Advising couples is more art than science and counseling same-sex couples is a growing niche. In this webinar learn how to balance high-net-worth partners’ needs and how to effectively work with same-sex couples in the current, ever-changing legal and financial environment.      
· The Common Myths About Couples and Money  
· How Your Couple Mindset Impacts The Couple Client-Advisor Relationship
· The Do’s and Don’ts of Advising Gay Couples 



June 2013

Dead DOMA Spells AUM Bonanza for LGBT Wealth Planner

Trust Adviser

By Roland McMillan




June 2013

Gay Rights Rulings Have Big Impact for Advisors

Financial Planning

By Ingrid Case 


"Marriage between same-gender people gets federal recognition , and that means all the benefits, all 1,141 rights, that heterosexual couples get," says Arlington, Mass., planner Debra Neiman, who has many gay and lesbian clients. ..



June 2013

How Gay Marriage Ruling Gave $36,000 in Benefits to a Client

Financial Planning

By Paula Vasan



June 2012

How Same-Sex Couples Can Find Financial Advisers

New York Times

By Tara Siegel Bernard


Someday, same-sex couples may no longer have to jump through hoops or pay thousands of extra dollars to set up the same financial plans and get the same legal benefits that their heterosexual counterparts get automatically. ...


One good place to start is the PridePlanners Web site, a professional group founded by three financial planners nearly 13 years ago.  ...




Feb 2012

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples: What Financial Planners Need to Know

Journal Financial Planning

By Richard F. Stoltz


In their 2005 book, Money Without Matrimony: The Unmarried Couple’s Guide to Financial Security,1 co-authors Sheryl Garrett, CFP®, and Debra A. Neiman, CFP®, painted a grim picture of what the surviving member of an unmarried couple might face after the death of a partner. “They can become mired in a financial and emotional messundefineddestitute and homelessundefinedall while trying to cope with the loss of a partner.” ...



Jan 2012

Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Estate Planning

Estate Planning Journal 2012 Vol 39, No. 1

By Nicole M. Pearl and Carlyn S. McCaffrey


Sep 2011

Insurance Strategies for Gay Couples

Journal of Financial Services Professionals

By Stuart Armstrong, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CLTC


Abstract: Gay couples face unique challenges to achieving financial goals due largely to the lack of

legal recognition as couples in most states and at the federal level. This article seeks to inform the advisor

what these challenges are and how insurance can be part of the solutions, and offers additional guidance in

how to work with gay couples and families.


The financial goals of gay couples and other nontraditional and gay families are fundamentally

similar to those of heterosexual couples and families: financing retirement, educating ....




August 2010

Finance Basics for Partners

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine

Couples who can't wed (or choose not to) need to customize their tax and estate planning.

By Jane Bennett Clark


Julie Kurland and Marcia Diehl live in a Victorian home in Takoma Park, a leafy Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C. The couple take turns walking their dog, Cody, past the 1920s bungalows and gabled Victorians that line the streets of their neighborhood. On Sundays they wander over to the farmer's market and spend the rest of the day gardening or reading on their wide front porch. ...




June 2010

Wealth Management Challenges and Opportunities For Same-Sex Couples

By Nan P Bailey
Wealth Management for LGBT couples is far more complicated than it is for straight couples due to the failure of the federal government and most states to grant or recognize same-sex marriages. The consequent denial of the many rights and privileges associated with marriage impacts same-sex couples in ways that present challenges, as well of unique opportunities in addressing their specific financial and legal affairs…




April 1, 2010

Tax Advantages for Gay and Lesbian Partners


by Judy Arfa


Our financial and legal systems were not designed with the LGBT community in mind. In Texas, gays and lesbians are considered “single” for tax purposes. Though there are inherent disadvantages in this treatment, there are also some very real advantages and opportunities for tax savings, depending on your income and that of your partner. Here are some of them. ...



February 11, 2010

Money Tips for Gay Couples

by Jeff Wuorio;col1


Corey Marshall-Steele, 40, enjoys generous benefits as special assistant to the governor of Delaware. But it would be better if his partner, Douglas, were named Spot or Fluffy.  “The state actually offers a medical insurance program for employees’ pets” ...



October 1, 2009

Unwed and Planning

Financial Planning

by Susan B. Weiner

In 2005, the number of unmarried households surpassed those of married couples in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Estate planning for such couples can be significantly more complex than for the typical client, as they require more documents than traditional married couples to address their legal needs. Adding to the confusion, the laws affecting these couples are in flux....



July 10, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage and Retirement Plans

Morningstar Advisor

by Natalie Choate


Question: "John," age 54, and "Jim," age 58, were married to each other under Massachusetts law. Their marriage is not recognized under federal law. Jim died, leaving a 401(k) plan and a money purchase pension plan ...


The Pension Plan
John, as the individual named beneficiary of the pension plan, qualifies as Jim's "designated beneficiary" with respect to the pension plan. However, under federal law he is treated as a nonspouse beneficiary. This is because, under the Defense of Marriage Act, "In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress ... see link above for full article




July 14, 2008

GLBT Consumers See Financial Services Differently Than Others

Harris Interactive News

According to a recent national survey conducted by Harris Interactive®, over half (54%) of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender adults report they are very or somewhat comfortable in the environment created by their current financial services provider ... Read more


June 15, 2008

Same-sex couples are putting future in writing

The Dallas Morning News

Louise Young and her partner, Vivienne Armstrong, have been together for 37 years, but the same-sex couple are still two single people in the eyes of Texas law. Like others in their 60s and approaching retirement, the Dallas women are thinking about the next stage of life and what to do if their health fails. Because they don't enjoy the rights automatically granted to married couples, they've turned to legal advisers to make sure each will have a say in the other's fate.

"We've done everything possible to draft documents that reflect our commitment ...


November 2007

Federal GLBT Employees and Their Pensions

by Peg Downey

Most GLBT federal employees believe that it is not possible to leave a portion of their CSRS or FERS retirement annuity to their life partner.  Actually, that is not true.  A federal employee has the option, when (s)he retires, to elect an "Annuity With Benefit to Named Person Having an Insurable Interest."   If two individuals own property together, share a mortgage and household expenses, they have an insurable interest.

If an employee wishes his partner to be the recipient of an annuity benefit at his death, his own annuity is reduced by a percentage amount that depends on the difference between his age and the age of the person with the insurable interest.  If someone is older than the employee, the pension is reduced by 10%; if someone is 5-10 years younger, the reduction is 15%.* The "insured interest" survivor gets 55% of the reduced annuity.


Note, however, if the person named as having an insurable interest dies before the employee, the annuity will be restored to its unreduced rate.  This approach is similar to buying insurance for a partner and needs to be compared to a life insurance policy.  Nonetheless, because the survivor annuitant's benefit is partially subsidized by the feds, it's often hard to beat this deal.


* Older, same age, less than 5 years younger than employee……

                                                                              10% reduction in annuity of retiring employee

5 but less than 10 years younger…………15% reduction

10 but less than 15 years younger………..20% reduction

15 but less than 20 years younger………..25% reduction

20 but less than 25 years younger………..30% reduction

25 but less than 30 years younger………..35% reduction

30 or more years younger    ………………..40% reduction







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